Being Adam Golightly

One Man’s Bumpy Voyage to the Other Side of Grief

Reviewes by Adam Golightly

Adam Golightly is the pseudonym for a widower whose wife died of cancer. As he says himself, if his wife had not died then Adam Golightly would not exist. ”Creating Adam was in many ways a desperate act, as I looked for anything to help me deal with overwhelming grief, leaving me strong enough to support the kids.” His publisher says, “the cruel early death of his wife Helen tears up the script of Adam Golightly’s middle-class, middle-aged existence. Miserably single, he recounts his fight back against the hand of fate.….. As he starts to build a new, alternative life for himself and his children, he shows not just how to survive bereavement but how to be transformed by it”

Both of these books are really accessible and address the need for support in bereavement, particularly for men who are grieving the loss of a wife or partner.