EMO PHOTO – Elisabeth Fransdonk

Elisabeth Fransdonk

EMO PHOTO – Elisabeth Fransdonk

After having worked in advertising for many years, Elisabeth made the switch to the creative side and started her own photo studio EMO PHOTO 13 years ago. This switch allowed her to combine all her skills in one field: psychology by training, marketing communication by experience and photography by passion.

Her speciality in photography is Emotion, which shows in the very human approach she has developed over the years, focusing on revealing through photography the strength, beauty and authenticity of each person or service. She works in a number of fields of photography, like Architecture, Landscape, Portrait, Food, Fashion and Corporate Photography. She has had publications in a large number of magazines, and a large variety of examples of her work can be found on her website www.emo-photo.com, on her Facebook page and on her Instagram account. As passionate as she is about her work, she is equally passionate about sharing her Love of Light as she calls it, and her workshops in Visual Storytelling – Smartphone Photography are internationally acclaimed.

Elisabeth is the official photographer at ESCA Rock Against Cancer Dinner Dance at Chateau de Coppet, in Switzerland on 13 February 2019

Contact Elisabeth at ellen@emo-photo.com or through her website www.emo-photo.com

Elisabeth speaks about the importance of talking about Awareness and Breast Cancer in My Prestige Magazine edition February 2019 (20.000 copies in Switzerland), together with the CEO of the Banque Cler.  You can read the article here: Prestige Magazine Feb 2019 Elisabeth Fransdonk