EMO PHOTO – Elisabeth Fransdonk

Elisabeth Fransdonk

EMO PHOTO – Elisabeth Fransdonk

Elisabeth is a breast cancer survivor and is the official photographer at ESCA Rock Against Cancer Dinner Dance at Chateau de Coppet, in Switzerland on 13 February 2019

She speaks about the importance of talking about Awareness and Breast Cancer in My Prestige Magazine edition February 2019 (20.000 copies in Switzerland), together with the CEO of the Banque Cler.  You can read the article here: Prestige Magazine Feb 2019 Elisabeth Fransdonk


Defining her style by capturing emotion in images, Elisabeth Fransdonk is a successful photographer and self-proclaimed storyteller who, thirteen years ago, created EMO PHOTO. From a background in psychology and marketing communication, Elisabeth creates images which encompass and reflect the true intentions of the client. Her photography  helps companies and people reconnect with their stories through beautiful images

“When I started photography 13 years ago, it wasn’t so much a choice I made, it was almost the other way around. I didn’t discover photography as a passion, instead it found me. It was the easiest and most logic professional transition I have ever made in my life. By combining my 3 fields of expertise – psychology, marketing communication, and photography – I have been able to develop a very ‘human’ approach, focusing on revealing through photography the strength, beauty and authenticity of each person or service.

My fascination for light and the beauty it brings to our every day, has only grown stronger since I started. We don’t have to travel for miles to find beauty, it is often right in front of us. It’s the same with people. I don’t have to know them for years to be able to see their inner beauty, or hear their story. All I have to do is stop and listen. My photos are just a visual proof of what is already there, whether it is presented through people, places or products. ”

Aimée DuBrule, Corporate Communication Director of the Kempinski Group and publisher of the inspirational life style blog www.culturerise.com, describes her as follows: “Elisabeth has an unshakable presence of spirit: on the one hand, she’s a no-nonsense businesswoman while, on the other, she is this vibrant creator with a gift for finding and capturing the inner and outer light of her subjects.”

Over the last two years, Elisabeth has also been offering “Art of Light – Storytelling” workshops. Her love of shared experience has led to her teaching the importance of light, choice and composition when capturing the perfect image. Her workshops aim to expose the artist in all of us and help us to tell our story through beautiful images. Elisabeth’s workshops have been so well received that she is now offering them all over the globe, helping companies and their employees reconnect with their stories and, by doing so, become effective, creative and authentic storytellers.

Elisabeth Fransdonk
Conceptual Photographer & Visual Storyteller

+ 41 79 749 0583