Fitness,Yoga, Pilates, Art Therapy, LGFB

Stress reduction is often a benefit of our fitness, yoga, pilates and art therapy classes.

Physical activity has been shown to reduce the possibility of relapses and recurrences of cancer. Twice a year our licensed physiotherapist offers a 15-week course specifically designed for breast cancer survivors. Doctor’s permission is required for anyone still receiving treatment.

With yoga for cancer patients, breathing exercises, gentle movements, and mindfulness techniques create conditions conducive to physical, mental, and emotional healing. Our specially trained instructor offers two levels of courses each week: Gentle Yoga for those in treatment and Yoga for Recovery, a more active class for those recovering and care-givers.

Our weekly Pilates course, taught by an instructor who has worked with cancer patients, helps to reconcile changes in body movement and function, pre- and post treatment.

Art therapy develops coping strategies by allowing cancer patients to incorporate their experience and express themselves through color, form, and matter.

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a Swiss national cancer charity dedicated to helping women manage the visible side effects that cancer and its treatment have on their appearance. In close collaboration with hospitals, cancer associations, nurses, and doctors the free LGFB beauty workshops help participants look and feel more themselves again, boosting their confidence and morale.

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  • “I spent two hours sitting at a table with 5 other women who I had never met before. I felt like a teenage girl not having 'more responsible things to deal with.' A stylist was guiding us step by step, teaching us how to put on a make-up correctly, and to our surprise, with excellent results. How easy it was to put smiles on our faces. Two hours of pleasant company, lightness, not thinking about sickness and medical examinations. Two hours of good humour and giggles. Thank you very much for this nice experience.”

  • “Just knowing you’re all there with all your experience, caring and insight is a huge help — definitely makes me feel less vulnerable during those down times.”