Approximately 40 trained and active volunteers work in nearly every area of ESCA CancerSupport, providing 70% of the hours spent in fulfilling our mission.

Our mission is to:

  • support clients who are undergoing the rigors of cancer treatment
  • offer help to patients’ loved ones
  • assist those in bereavement
  • provide information and resources
  • increase awareness by staffing stalls, giving talks, and representing ESCA CS at various community events
  • host the annual Paddle for CancerSupport Dragonboat Festival on Lac de Joux

Visit our Events page for up-to-date information.



Volunteers only: Log your hours here


Some volunteers

  • Patsy M

    Bereaved 2007, joined 2008;
    served as communications

  • Patsy A

    2002 breast cancer survivor;
    former president;
    Paddle for Cancer founder 2007

  • Nicola

    diagnosed in 2005; now
    “loving life with my family!”

  • Korin

    joined 2012; finds ESCA
    CancerSupport a “warm
    and welcoming group”

  • David

    treated successfully for
    prostate cancer, 2013;
    still an avid tennis player;
    peer supporter since 2010

  • Jack

    cancer survivor; enjoys
    a full life; ESCA CancerSupport
    volunteer since 2010.

  • Margaret

    member since 2011;
    now welcomes all visitors
    to the Drop-in Centre

  • Karin

    physiotherapist; runs
    ESCA CancerSupport’s
    gym classes for cancer
    survivors; “Get fit
    and have fun”!

  • Sally

    2000 diagnosis; joined 2003;
    peer supporter,
    Drop-in Centre regular

  • Dorothy

    joined 2008; diagnosed 2014;
    it’s “good to have my energy back
    and living an active life”.

  • Kate

    diagnosed 2014; a Bosom Pal;
    continuing all her sports;
    is “living and loving life”