Our volunteers

We have the best volunteers in the world! Every day our 90+ volunteers show amazing compassion in working with and on behalf of cancer patients and their loved ones. Without their dedication, Cancer Support Switzerland could not exist as it does today.

Meet some of our volunteers...

Gary Buell

I am a peer supporter and help with the Prostate Cancer Support Group, looking for discussion topics for our monthly online meetings. Participants talk about decisions in diagnosis and treatment, and their impacts. I also enjoy doing presentations for Cancer Support Switzerland, representing us at local events, and helping organise our Walk’nTalk excursions, where I find new walking routes for our outings.

Rosalind Coleman

I coordinate the volunteers for the Cancer Support Switzerland info stands at different fundraising and/or awareness-raising events. My tasks involve coordinating between the event organisers and our volunteers, ensuring our participation in community awareness events is smooth and effective while attending these events. 

Manali Kulkarni

I am glad to have joined Cancer Support Switzerland as a volunteer. They are doing great work. I am helping with the outreach program so that more people will hear about the organisation and those who need support can get access to all the services.  

As part of the outreach program, I work closely with the team in promoting Cancer Support Switzerlands work and activities within my community or connections. 

I also help in managing the outreach program by keeping track of and monitoring our activities. 

Mark Levin

I provide individual peer support to a client via Zoom and participate in the online Prostate Cancer Support Group. I was also part of a small working group developing ideas about how Cancer Support Switzerland could provide services to clients coping with Work and Cancer. 

Jack Martin

I have been a volunteer for over ten years. As a peer supporter, I provide support and assistance to those undergoing treatment for cancer. This work includes attendance at the Prostate Cancer Support Group, which meets once a month to enable those who are suffering with, or have suffered from, prostate cancer to exchange views and experiences and to learn from each other.

I similarly help with the Online Support Group, which enables anyone undergoing treatment to talk about the problems they are facing and to learn from others. In addition, I am a Drop-in volunteer and attend some of the Walk’nTalks. 

Annabel Pulcrano

I have been a volunteer since being greatly helped by Cancer Support Switzerland during my own illness and treatment. As the number of people reaching out for services in Vaud increased, I helped set up the Lausanne office in 2017, where we now run two services: a monthly in-person support group and a Walk’nTalk event.  

My role is largely one of organisation. I coordinate between clients, peer supporters and volunteers, to ensure that the needs of everyone involved are met in the best way possible. This may be talking with clients to know which areas they need help with, or discussing with volunteers their availabilities and strengths in how to best support someone asking for our help. 

Chris Swan

I wear a few Cancer Support Switzerland hats….along with the rest of the Walk’nTalk team, I organise the monthly Walk’nTalks in the greater Geneva area – we agree dates, choose a route, let people know where and when, and then enjoy the walk on the day!

I would say that I help out at the Gardening Group, but I’m not sure that quality-controlling the cakes and taking photos of the seasonal changes happening in the garden count as help!! I also help with the heART Space, setting up and clearing away the materials for the monthly art therapy session, taking photos all the while.

And last but not least, I have recently started getting the monthly newsletters ready to go out. I love all of my hats because they are so varied and put me in contact with a wide range of people within the Cancer Support Switzerland community. 

Helen Topp

I am Irish and I have lived in Switzerland for twenty years, am married, and have three children. I joined Cancer Support Switzerland in 2021 and can’t say enough nice things about this organisation and the wonderful people who work here.   

I have become one of their peer supporters and do Drop-in duty at the Centre a couple of times a month. We meet clients on our regular Walk’nTalk sessions, which is a lovely and casual way to get together. I am involved with the Gardening Group which runs every Friday for clients and volunteers alike.  

Every year, we enjoy participating in Steps for Cancer Support, a fundraising challenge that involves walking and counting steps. There are many groups within Cancer Support Switzerland and volunteers are always welcome.