Our library includes Macmillan brochures and books on diagnosis, treatment, and coping with cancer.


Welcome from the Librarians!

Welcome to the ESCA CancerSupport library, which is open and available for all: members and their families, volunteers, peer supporters, counsellors, and therapists,  to name a few. If you need any help finding information please contact us at

We are available to help you.

Irene Bertrand and Sandra Oakley,  ESCA librarians


Our Catalogue

We have a collection of some 300 books in English at the Drop-in Centre to cater to the needs and interests of those touched by cancer. Books cover a variety of subjects and are arranged on the shelves by these broad subject categories :

  • General Health
  • Types of Cancer
  • Nutrition, Holistic and Complementary Therapies
  • Self-help
  • Coping with Cancer
  • Care and Families
  • Grieving and Bereavement
  • Life Journeys
  • Spirituality

There are two lists to help you find individual titles: one is arranged by the subject and the other by the author.

We also have books for children.

There is a small collection of DVDs.

Come to the library to browse and borrow any one of them (see library procedures). Please feel free to recommend any titles you would like added to the library. If you are interested in reviewing any of these titles, please contact either Irene Bertrand or Sandra Oakley at

Book Reviews

Several book reviews written by members are available online for you to enjoy. If there is a particular book you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the librarians at

Our Resources

We have a collection of Macmillan Cancer Support brochures. This UK Charity develops publications specifically for people with cancer and their carers.

We’ve also compiled an online list of reliable and up-to-date cancer information websites for patients, families and carers that can be access through our resources web page.


Library Procedures

Books may be borrowed for an initial period of six weeks. On request, loans may be renewed for a further period of six weeks by sending an email to Four books and/or Macmillan brochures may be borrowed at one time.

Borrowing Library Books

(1) Take the library card from the back of the book and enter name, date and telephone number.

(2) File the card in alphabetical order by name of author in the small file box marked LIBRARY BOOKS on loan.

Returning Library Books

(1) Take the library card from the small file box and cross out the name.
Return the card to the back of the book.

(2) Shelve the book according to the catalogue number or, if unsure, leave it on the table to be processed and shelved by one of the librarians.


New Books

All that Followed

All that Followed

Emma Campbell

“Emma Campbell bravely and honestly offers heartfelt thoughts on what happens when cancer becomes an unwelcome guest at an already crowded party. She shares her own terror and pain, mixed with the heartwarming and unexpected. The extraordinary kindness of people and the gritty detail of battling a life-threatening illness, all while being a single mum to four children. She opens up about her angels and demons, losing and then finding love again, a constant fear of death mixed with the joy and relief of living, the anxiety of cancer returning - then facing it when it does.”

Life Journeys [9 CAM]

How to Grieve like a Champ

How to Grieve like a Champ

Lianna Champ

“Packed with inspirational words and advice on how to improve our relationship with death, dying and loss……

In this compassionate accessible handbook, grief recovery specialist and funeral professional, Lianna Champ, explains how you can start to grieve positively and move forward with your life.”

Death, Grieving and Bereavement [8 CHA]

Loving Your Friend Through Cancer

Loving Your Friend Through Cancer

Marissa Henley

Marissa Henley is a devout Christian and her faith permeates her book. A cancer survivor herself she knows what it feels like and what your friend truly needs. She prepares the reader to support the friend with both knowledge and compassion, in a practical and spiritual way.

Coping with cancer: care and families [6 HEN]

Lung Cancer: A guide to diagnosis and treatment

Lung Cancer: A guide to diagnosis and treatment

Walter J. Scott

This is the third edition of a very easy-to-read little book, which explains all aspects of the disease to new patients or their loved ones. It is a simple straightforward guide, which is highly recommended.

Lung Cancer [2L SCO]

The Cancer Survivor's Guide: Foods that help you fight back!

The Cancer Survivor's Guide: Foods that help you fight back!

Neal Barnard

The strong link between nutrition and cancer has been proven over the last decades and research confirms that a healthy diet can indeed help prevent the risk of cancer. The authors of this book, which contains the latest nutritional and scientific information (with references), advocate a plant-based diet, reducing or eliminating meat and dairy products i.e. vegan. There are plenty of recipes to complement the nutritional information.

Food and Nutrition [3 BAR]

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Roger Kirby

Part of the "fast facts" series on different medical conditions, this
slim volume is intended primarily for the medical profession.
However, its concise and clear style gives the informed layperson a
brief up-to-date overview of all aspects of this cancer, including the
epidemiology, diet and lifestyle, prognosis, management of treatment etc.

Prostate Cancer [2 P KIR]

Prostate Cancer : A New Approach to Treatment and Healing

Prostate Cancer : A New Approach to Treatment and Healing

Dr Emilia Ripoll

This is a very complete and thorough hands-on book, a recommended
source for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The "toolbox" is the
interactive part of the book with checklists and worksheets allowing you
to hone in on the most relevant information for your situation. There
is also a "digging deeper" section that expands on certain topics with
references to the latest research.

Prostate Cancer [2 P RIP]

Being Adam Golightly: One Man’s Bumpy Voyage to the Other Side of Grief

Being Adam Golightly: One Man’s Bumpy Voyage to the Other Side of Grief

Adam Golighty

Adam Golightly is the pseudonym for a widower whose wife died of cancer. As he says himself, if his wife had not died, then Adam Golightly would not exist. ”Creating Adam was in many ways a desperate act, as I looked for anything to help me deal with overwhelming grief, leaving me strong enough to support the kids.” His publisher says, “the cruel early death of his wife Helen tears up the script of Adam Golightly’s middle-class, middle-aged existence. Miserably single, he recounts his fight back against the hand of fate.….. As he starts to build a new, alternative life for himself and his children, he shows not just how to survive bereavement but how to be transformed by it”

Both of these books are really accessible and address the need for support in bereavement, particularly for men who are grieving the loss of a wife or partner.
-Sandra Oakley

Death, Grieving and Bereavement [ 8 GOL ]

The Grief Survival Guide: How to Navigate Loss and All That Comes With It

The Grief Survival Guide: How to Navigate Loss and All That Comes With It

Jeff Brazier

Since his former partner Jade Goody died in 2009, Jeff Brazier has been on an extraordinary journey. The devoted single dad of two young bereaved sons has transitioned from being a reality TV star to become a life coach, counsellor, charity ambassador for bereaved families and now, a best-selling author. He has attracted new fans for the honesty, integrity and warmth with which he has told his own story and has engaged with the dying and the bereaved to share theirs. The Grief Survival Guide is a compendium that you could easily find yourself reading cover to cover but also dip into, as you chart your own course through grief. - The Funeral Zone

Death, Grieving and Bereavement [ 8 BRA ]

Radical remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Radical remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Kelly A. Turner

Early in her career as a researcher and counselor in integrative oncology, the author found that there were few studies on radical remission, when people recover against all odds without the help of conventional medicine. This book presents her evidence, after years of research in many countries, of nine factors which can help even terminally-ill patients to turn their lives around. Some of the factors include change of diet, increasing positive emotions, deepening your
spiritual connection, embracing social support. Obviously a controversial book but of interest to those looking for alternative/complementary ways to overcome their cancer.

holistic and complementary therapies [ 4 TUR ]