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Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2017, Rachel sought support from a UK breast cancer group. In 2019, she moved to Switzerland and found a new community through Cancer Support Switzerland. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and her illness's progression, Rachel remains grateful for the connections and friendships that help her navigate her journey.
HeART Space offers a transformative path of healing and creativity, welcoming individuals affected by cancer or serving as primary caregivers, yet fostering warmth and joy for all participants beyond any specific diagnosis.
Discover solace and understanding in our Bereavement Support Group and Online Grief Workshop—nurturing spaces designed to help you navigate loss with compassion, guidance, and community support, regardless of your background or circumstances.
2024 CAS students organize a bake sale in an effort to raise money and awareness for Cancer Support Switzerland as part of their school credit.
Death Café is an free event in English which provides a brave space where we can reflect on and discuss death, dying and our mortality. Increasing our awareness of mortality can help ensure we make the most of our finite lives, through living more intentionally, consciously and fully.
Cancer Support Switzerland seeks a Zurich Coordinator (60%) to lead English-speaking cancer support expansion. Candidates with team coordination experience, a 'start-up mindset,' and proficiency in English and German can apply until February 23, 2024.
Non-profit organization rebranded as Cancer Support Switzerland, reflecting its expanded mission to provide free English-language cancer support services nationwide. The organization offers emotional support, practical assistance, and well-being activities for those dealing with cancer challenges.
Raising as much money as possible for Cancer Support Switzerland by running the Balexert 10 km Genève race, the furthest I have ever run in my life.
Steps for Cancer Support is a fitness and fundraising challenge to raise money for Cancer Support Switzerland.
Cancer Support Switzerland seeks a Counselling & Support Services Manager / Head Counsellor to lead the support services.
In memory of her husband, Sam raises money for Cancer Support Switzerland by participating in the Spartan Super 10km race with 25 obstacles.
In order to provide support for Liz, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Nick participated in the Geneva half marathon and successfully raised funds for Cancer Support Switzerland the organisation who had been providing support to Liz and her family.