Death Café

On 25 April 17h30-19h30 we will join forces with Palliative Genève to host a Death Café at our Centre in Grand-Saconnex.

A Death Café provides a brave space where we can reflect on and discuss death, dying and our mortality. Increasing our awareness of mortality can help ensure we make the most of our finite lives, through living more intentionally, consciously and fully.

The Death Café is open to all, free of charge, and will be loosely facilitated as a group-oriented discussion. Our two hours together will include some semi-structured discussion time, followed by more informal discussions over an apéro.

Please note that the Death Café is not a grief support or counselling session.

Limited spaces! Sign up by emailing:

A flyer with information about a Death Cafe event being hosted by Cancer Support Switzerland and Palliative Genève

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