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  • Art Therapy

    Wednesday, 10:00 Location: ESCA Drop-in centre

  • Pilates Class

    Wednesday, 11:15 Location: Versoix

  • Bosom Pals Coffee Meeting

    Friday, 10:00 Location: ESCA Drop-in centre

  • Gentle Yoga

    Monday, 11:00 Location: Open House room

  • Info Talk: Are you Predator, Prey or Partner?

    Wednesday, 19:30 Location: YWCA

  • Yoga for Recovery and Healing

    Friday, 10:30 Location: Open House room

  • Bosom Pals Lausanne Support Meeting

    Monday, 10:00 Location: Olympic Museum Café

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer Patients (MBCT-ca)

    Tuesday, 14:30 Location: ESCA Drop-in centre

  • Bereavement 8-Week Support Group

    Tuesday, 17:30 Location: ESCA Drop-in centre

  • Annual General Meeting

    Thursday, 12:00 Location: Webster University