Finding Healing and Creativity at HeART Space

HeART Space allows a unique journey of healing and creativity to unfold. While it’s true that our sessions are tailored for those navigating the challenges of cancer or serving as primary caregivers, the warmth and joy we share extend far beyond any diagnosis.

What expect at a heART space session?

Participants embark on an exploration of mindful artmaking, immersing themselves in colors, textures, and emotions. From painting to music and experimenting with watercolor and pastels to crafting 3-D creations, each session is a testament to the boundless potential of creativity in healing.

Alongside tea and cake, it’s not only art which is shared, but also stories, laughter and support. Guided by Art Therapist Eileen Wiley and peer supporters Chris Swan and Margaret Stourton, our intimate groups form a nurturing community where every voice is heard and every expression honored.

Each month is a new exploration of art mediums and themes, weaving together individual narratives into a rich tapestry of collective experience. Each session begins with a “warm-up ritual,” a moment of stillness and reflection that sets the stage for the creative journey ahead.

Looking to the future, aspirations for this Support Service extend beyond the walls of our Center. We hope to transport some of our sessions to the Versoix’s gardens, and incorporate some gentle movement like Qigong amidst calming greenery. “Visual Journaling” and explore the meditative art of “Zen doodling,” will expand horizons ever further.

During the Cancer Support Switzerland Open Day in March, we had the joy of sharing our passion for art and healing with others. As guests gathered around the table, doodling and chatting, a sense of camaraderie filled the air, reminding us that in creativity, there is solace, strength, and endless possibility.

At HeART Space, the journey of healing is not defined by illness, but by the boundless capacity of the human spirit to find beauty, resilience, and connection, even in the face of adversity. Here, amidst strokes of paint and swirls of imagination, we discover that true healing begins with the courage to embrace our stories, our creativity, and each other. Welcome to a sanctuary where art is not just a form of expression, but a pathway to healing and wholeness

How to join?

Interested in this service? Visit the heART Space service page to discover all the details including how to join the monthly group by clicking on the link below.

heART Space

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