Art Therapy for Carers and Volunteers

Support Service:

Designed to offer insight into what Art Therapy is and how it can benefit people affected by cancer. The course will provide an opportunity to explore how creative expression can help process the emotions, concerns and stresses of living with cancer.

The process of art making and reflection in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere will help reduce stress and increase well-being. Having artistic skills is not a requirement. 

Participants of previous Art Therapy groups said: 

“I really enjoyed letting go and experiencing the mix of senses- between music and art. Letting your mind free to explore. Feel what was coming out from within. Not being judged by anyone but also sharing ideas and learning from others.” 


Dates vary, see our calendar for upcoming dates and times.

Location: CancerSupport Switzerland Centre. See on Google Maps.

Instructor: Eileen Wiley, Registered Art Therapist

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