Art Therapy for Cancer Patients

Support Service:

Join us for a creative journey, a safe and supportive environment to explore creativity through Art Therapy. You will be invited to mindfully use art materials to explore some of the life changes that occur when living with cancer.  We’ll place a focus on the “whole person”, harnessing the creative and healing energies within us all. 

The sessions provide an opportunity for creative expression, in a supportive and accepting environment. It’s a chance to aid emotional well-being and self-care.  

You do not need to have any artistic skills or background at all! 

“No artistic skill needed! Only a sense of trying anything.”

“My message would be to everyone who attends the MBCT-ca course at Cancer Support Switzerland: Do the art therapy as a follow up.”

“I certainly feel other Cancer Support Switzerland members would really enjoy art therapy and would benefit from the small group sessions and the relaxing and creative atmosphere.”

“A chance to share an experience through art, with people going through their own journey.”



Dates vary. For more information and to sign up please email us at

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Eileen Wiley, Registered Art Therapist