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By Carl Gorham
Carl writes poignantly of the worries of a single father with a young daughter, his attempts to help her to express her grief, and his openness to her request make a cardboard mummy, whatever misgivings he may have been experiencing at that moment. Click to learn more about this book.
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Year added: 2019
By Rio Ferdinand
In the book, Rio shows the way and ends two of the later chapters with lessons he has learned. In a subsequent interview Rio could now comfortably see Rebecca looking down and telling him, “Well done, it’s all been worthwhile.” Click to learn more about this book.
Year added: 2019
By Clare & Greg Wise
This is a tale of and by two cancer sufferers: one, the patient; the other, the principal caregiver, her brother. The tale is told through honest, witty blogs that begin on 27 May 2013. Click to learn more about this book.
Year added: 2019