The following committees are staffed by volunteers. We value your talent, input and efforts, and will always appreciate your time.

  1. Drop-in centre volunteers welcome visitors, answer the phone, and provide administrative support including IT. They look after the 300-volume dedicated lending library and keep our full set of Macmillan Cancer Support brochures (from the UK) up to date. Volunteers also maintain our lists of community resources and people who provide an array of complementary therapeutic activities.

  2. Communications members keep the inventory of printed materials current, help develop new materials, update our website, and write the monthly newsletter.

  3. Outreach members work on social media, identify new targets, maintain lists of people and organizations useful to ESCA CancerSupport, represent ESCA CancerSupport in the community, and give talks to companies and other organizations.  They regularly participate in panels and discussions sponsored by the area medical community.  In community work, our staff and volunteers spread our message of support by running and walking in such regional events as the Terry Fox Walk, the 5K Run for Hope, the Escalade Walk and the Marche contre le cancer.

  4. Our main fundraiser is the annual Paddle for CancerSupport Dragonboat Festival.  It relies on volunteers, often with their friends and family, for a smooth and safe running of the day’s activities on water and land.  

  5. Other fundraising occurs at special events, such as golf tournaments.

By submitting personal information to us you consent to it being held and processed by ESCA CancerSupport. Such data will be used by ESCA CancerSupport to administer our relationship with you and to provide you with information about ESCA CancerSupport’s activities for related purposes. Should you have any queries concerning this policy, please contact info@cancersupport.ch

Fill in the volunteer form BELOW and become a well-appreciated part of ESCA CancerSupport’s volunteer team!