She did it! We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Sue for braving the shave. Also, we would like to thank everyone who donated to this fundraiser. We are happy to report this event raised a total of CHF 1,440.

If you would like to still donate to ESCA CancerSupport please click HERE to place a donation.

Sue’s story…

After a year of trying to grow my hair but only succeeding in looking like the Wild Woman of the West, I decided action was needed! And with the arrival of the very hot weather, what better time? So, inspired by the Macmillan Brave the Shave campaign, I decided to go for The Chop.  Completely shaved not only seemed a bit too radical, given the risk of sunburn on pate, nape and ears, but some potential donors were proposing to pay me not to go ahead!!!!  A compromise solution had to be found: a few millimetres all over, and an old Cinco de Mayo accessory to help avoid the sunburn, even though this isn’t really a look I would go for outside my front garden!!

So many, many thanks to those sponsors who have already donated, and to those who will hopefully do so in the future, to help ESCA CancerSupport during these difficult days!

Brave the Shave, by Macmillan, encourages people to do something amazing by shaving their heads and raising money for people living with cancer! Our Sue was the first to do this in support of ESCA CancerSupport but hopefully not the last.


Sue Hudson

CHF 130 9 August 2020

Generous cash donations from Heather Wicks, Margaret Kearns, and Mesfin.


Sue Hudson

CHF 230 29 July 2020

Generous cash donations from Robert Hudson, Chris Woodburn, Luciana Sperandio and Sue Kochi.


Vanessa Moropoulos

CHF 20 24 July 2020

In support of Sue Hudson who shaved her head for Cancer Support


Jeshua De Tenorio

CHF 50 14 July 2020

Sue Hudson

CHF 285 14 July 2020

Generous cash donations from (in no particular order) Eimear Geoghegan, Petra ten Hoope-Bender, Françoise Falquet, Wouter van Ginneken… Read more

Generous cash donations from (in no particular order) Eimear Geoghegan, Petra ten Hoope-Bender, Françoise Falquet, Wouter van Ginneken, Gloria Clemmitt, Rosemary Fairley. Thank you!!


Fiona Rolian

CHF 100 14 July 2020

I didn't want you to do it but accept the compromise solution! Well done!

Anonymous User


CHF 10 13 July 2020

David Freedman

CHF 50 11 July 2020

Bravo Sue! It looks good.


Donna Rowe

CHF 50 10 July 2020

Good on you Sue! Brave lady !
Donna xx


Sue Hudson

CHF 100 10 July 2020

Very generous cash donation from Christine Cornwell.


Leyla Tegmo-Reddy

CHF 25 10 July 2020

Great initiative Sue! xxx


Jane Standerline

CHF 70 9 July 2020

Well done Sue! Look forward to seeing those lovely curls again!