WANTED : Paddle for Cancer Coordinator

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Welcome to ESCA

ESCA is a non-profit association of volunteers and professionals that offers emotional support, practical help and information in English to cancer patients, their carers and loved ones living in the Geneva, Vaud and French border areas.

We come from all walks of life and from many different countries. While we speak several different languages between us, our shared language is English.


Just knowing you’re all there with all your experience, caring and insight is a huge help — definitely makes me feel less vulnerable during those down times.

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We are able to continue our valuable work only through the generosity of donors such as yourself.

We thank you, in advance, for any contribution you can make.

Paddle for Cancer Annual Fundraiser

ESCA Paddle for Cancer Dragonboat Festival is ESCA’s annual cancer awareness raising and fundraising event.

This fun event for the whole family is held in September each year and wishes to show that even those who have been touched by cancer can continue to live full and sporty lives.

See the Paddle for Cancer site for more details.