ESCA CS Volunteer Ashley & Board member Conny with a copy of the new Oncolexic

Oncolexic – In Other Words 2nd edition

Cancer Support Switzerland launches new communication tool for cancer patients

Geneva, 4th February 2021

This World Cancer Day Cancer Support Switzerland is pleased to announce the launch of our new Oncolexic phrasebook for cancer patients.

This English-French phrasebook has been developed specifically to help cancer patients whose first language is not French to discuss their cancer treatment with their healthcare providers.

The Oncolexic is intended to help patients and caregivers to:

  • Prepare necessary questions,
  • Explain a medical problem,
  • Make simple requests in a medical context, and
  • Understand the treatment and procedures offered.

Nicola Bowers, Co-director of Cancer Support Switzerland explains, “Receiving a cancer diagnosis is very stressful and the medical jargon is unfamiliar to most people even in their native language. We hope this booklet will enable patients to communicate more easily and relieve some of the stress caused by cancer.”

The Oncolexic has been created with the support of Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes in Geneva, and replaces the previous edition called ‘In Other Words’ which was for many years a key resource for cancer patients and the health professionals who worked with them.

Conny Vrieling, Radiation Oncologist at Hirslanden Clinique de Grangettes said, “Having patients fully engaged in their treatment decisions has been proven to lead to better outcomes so we are really pleased to have an extra tool like the Oncolexic to support our patients through their treatment.”

Patients and organisations wishing to request a copy of the Oncolexic can visit the Cancer Support Switzerland website here for more information.

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