Coupe de Noël COVID version!

Unfortunately, Coupe de Noël has been canceled but fortunately, it has not stopped its regular participants from doing their own COVID version. In addition to taking this brave plunge into icy cold water, they’ve also graciously agreed to raise money for ESCA CS! We have several groups raising funds for us.

GROUP 4: JANUARY 1, 2021 at 2 pm, at Plage de Promenthoux.

They did it!  At 14h on January 1st, 30 people or more made that icy plunge into the New Year! The water temperature was a chilly 7.7°C but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

Champagne and hot drinks followed as well as a warm feeling of comradery for a great cause. Many thanks to Kofi and his team.  Many thanks to ALL of our brave swimmers!  We look forward to the Coupe de Noël 2021!

Kofi’s story: I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a healthy family and a healthy body.

However, just over 7 years ago my closest friend lost his 11 year old niece to a particularly aggressive cancer. It was unexpected, devastating and one of the saddest moments in my life.

This tragedy however was a catalyst that started the ball rolling around the exploration of what I can I do to live a more healthy and fulfilling life:

  • more sports,
  • healthy eating,
  • have better relationships
  • work life balance…
  • or…

This journey recently has led me to weekly river dipping where I have had the pleasure try and push back my comfort zones. Here, along with a band of like-minded mad men and women we have discovered that not only we feel healthier, we are also happier.

My friend, Laraba, convinced me to join her on the last cold water excursion where I was able to meet members of ESCA CancerSupport and get to find out more about what you do to provide support and assistance to families that are affected. I cannot think of a better way for me to contribute to your cause by raising funds and awareness of your association.

I therefore propose a new year’s day dip to remember and celebrate those who have passed away. My hope is that we may convince more people to catch the cold water addiction!

Please DONATE generously!

GROUP 3: DECEMBER 20, 2020 at 2 pm, at Nyon Plage

At 14h we all met at Nyon plage, stripped off and strode in ( all at our own pace). It was drizzling, so an umbrella was a must ?! 😆  2 men, John and Mark, and 8 women Jessica, Audrey, Hayley, Lisa, Jo,  Julie, Emma and Elin.  Donna, Lucy, Ashley, 3 children and 4 dogs cheered us on. Patsy made a surprise appearance which made my day 💕  Thank you to each and everyone of you who supported and/or donated to this incredible charity.

Julie’s story:  Breast cancer runs in Julie Moscioni’s family. Her mum sadly lost her life to this disease when she was under 30. Then some years Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, followed by her sister. ESCA CS was there for Julie as a support during this hard time, providing a counsellor who supported through all aspects of the disease. 12 years later Julie is DIVING INTO the VERY COLD LAKE to raise funds for this incredible charity in order to help support others. Please DONATE generously!

GROUP 2: DECEMBER 20, 2020 at 2pm – SOLIDARITY SWIM- Versoix Plage

At 2pm, 4 of us jumped and slipped our way into the lake. The thermometer showed 8 degrees, so we stayed in for 8 minutes! The water was FRESH!! The weather was kind, no wind and the rain even stopped for us!
Tamsin, Erin, Melissa and Joanne, we were so PROUD to swim for you ESCA CS!! Thank you to all our supporters and everyone who has DONATED. We are already planning our NEXT swim!!

Tamsin and Erin’s story:  We are raising money for ESCA CancerSupport by jumping in the lake on Sunday, 20 December…and swimming as far as we can!  We have both experienced first-hand the difficulties of having a loved one diagnosed with cancer. 

In April 2018, Tamsin’s husband, Rob, was suddenly and terrifyingly diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  He spent months in hospital receiving life saving, and life threatening, treatment.
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GROUP 1: DECEMBER 13, 2020 at 11 am – Plage de Promenthoux

We did it!!  The sun shone, it wasn’t raining, the weather was as good as it gets at this time of year!!  The lake was a balmy 9.2°C, considerably warmer than the air temperature of 5.5°C!  The group included some experienced swimmers, and some incredibly brave novice swimmers who were dipping for the first time.  Everyone had a great time  –  if you look closely, you can see we are all smiling, even when we are in the water.

We are very happy to have swum in recognition of those dealing with more challenging events in their lives.

Chris’ story:  I participated in the Coupe de Noël for the first time in 2019. To be able to do that, our team started training in September by swimming in Lac Leman at least once weekly through to the event itself, held on Sunday 15 December – it was an amazing experience to swim each week in the lake as the temperature of the water dropped from around 19°C in September to 8°C on the day mid December.
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CHF 7,405 of CHF 6,000 raised

SUPPORT all the brave participants as they take the icy plunge!

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Donation Total: CHF 10


Therese Lonfils

16 January 2021

bravo pour votre courage et votre soutien.Pour Valérie

Amount Donated
CHF 20

Kathleen Ostheim

15 January 2021

Hello Lake Swimmers - I am writing a bachelor thesis on the effects of cold water exposure on overall well-being (mental and physical health). I have created a survey, if you would … Read more

Hello Lake Swimmers - I am writing a bachelor thesis on the effects of cold water exposure on overall well-being (mental and physical health). I have created a survey, if you would like to contribute to my research please fill out the following survey:

Amount Donated
CHF 50

Myles Darbyshire

10 January 2021

Well done

Amount Donated
CHF 25

Stefanie Jeukens

10 January 2021

Strong and brave, then and now!

Amount Donated
CHF 50


9 January 2021

Fully behind you Kofi!!!

Amount Donated
CHF 25

Tamsin Breare

9 January 2021

Donated by Alya who swam with us at Versoix during our training ... her FIRST COLD WATER SWIM 🙅🏻‍♀️

Amount Donated
CHF 50


9 January 2021

You got this KOFI!!!!!

Amount Donated
CHF 25

Louise Crabbe

8 January 2021

Amount Donated
CHF 25

Mario et Anne Zorzoli

8 January 2021

Well done Kofi and a big THANKS

Amount Donated
CHF 100

Walter & Doris Schneider

8 January 2021

Good idea, Kofi!

Amount Donated
CHF 50

Carmen and Darin Davies

8 January 2021

Well done Kofi! Darin would be I’m there with you if he was there 🥶

Amount Donated
CHF 50

Kofi Nyamekye

8 January 2021

Donation from my sis Abena who made it out today!

Amount Donated
CHF 40