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Cancer Support Switzerland is currently looking for new members to join their board. Find out all the details about this exciting opportunity.
Cancer Support Switzerland announces it's new Director as they say a big thank you and good bye to their current co-directors.
Join Cancer Support Switzerland's Prostate Support Group, providing a safe space for men diagnosed with prostate cancer to share experiences, gain expert insights, and navigate the complexities of detection, treatment, and long-term care.
The Steps Challenge has finished and we wanted to share the success of the event. Find out how much money and steps our Steppers took.
Cancer Support Switzerland is currently looking for a new Director to start during 2021. Find out all the information about this job position by clicking here.
Cancer Support Switzerland announces the new edition of the English to French phrasebook for cancer patients and medical staff.
Local cancer support organization announcing their new Counsellor and Support Service Manager while binding farewell to the current manager.
Discover the positive impact of dragon boat paddling on breast cancer recovery. Paddle for Cancer Support Dragon Boat Festival, Cancer Support Switzerland's former flagship event, showcased this connection. Though the festival is no longer held, consider organizing a customized dragon boating event for your company. Contact us for details.
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