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By Dr Tufia C. Haddad
The Mayo Clinic has a team based approach to curative therapy to breast cancer or life prolonging therapy for incurable disease.
2b HAD
Year added: 2024
By Dr Patrick Walsh & Dr Edward Schaeffer
Prostate cancer is a different disease in every man. This guide gives you a second opinion from world top experts in surgery, pathology, urology, radiation and medical oncology.
2p WAL
Year added: 2024
By Steffan Naumann
Tips for lowering the risks of different blood cancer categories: avoid using tobacco; eat nutritious diet; be physically active and keep a healthy weight; sunscreen yourself, take vaccine, avoiding risky behavior, and receive medical attention.
Year added: 2024
By Scottie Aden
A healthy diet while fighting cancer boosts energy, immunity, aids treatment side effects, and includes recipes for all meals and snacks. Click to learn more about this book.
Year added: 2024
By The Wellness Chef
A book with a diverse collection of dishes carefully selected to provide essentials nutrients, ease digestive concerns, and accommodate changing tastes.
3 WC
Year added: 2024
By Kaden Peebles
Kaden Peebles, a three-time cancer survivor and aspiring lawyer, exhibits remarkable resilience, founding "The Unseen Faithful" nonprofit for siblings of pediatric oncology patients, her experience shaping her belief in overcoming adversity. Click to learn more about this book.
Year added: 2023
By Karol Sikora
How to get the best possible cancer care by asking the right questions and knowing when you are being fobbed off.
Year added: 2023
By Rachel Naomi Remen MD
Kitchen Table Wisdom is a deeply moving and down to earth collection of true stories that show us life in all its power and mystery.
Year added: 2023
By Dina Gachman
Since losing her mother to cancer in 2018 and her sister to alcoholism less than three years later, author and journalist Dina Gachman has dedicated herself to understanding what it means to grieve, how to live with loss and the ways we stay connected to those we miss. Gachman gives
Year added: 2023
By Arlen Grad Gaines
This book is designed to help kids, including children with autism spectrum disorder or other additional needs, to understand what it means when someone in their life has cancer.
C GAI Books for Children
Year added: 2022
By Susan Liyanage
The author is a busy and well-organised wife, mother and part-time lawyer. Describing her life from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and further, her book is full of thoughtful and helpful advice every step of the way and packed with helpful to-do-checklists at the end of each chapter.
Year added: 2020
By Azra Raza
This excellent book by a leading oncologist in the USA, makes the argument that trying to search for the last cancer cell in the body and eliminating it has not resulted in much progress since the “war on cancer” was declared in the early 1970s.. The author believes that more
2 RAZ (General Cancer)
Year added: 2020