Feeling the heat of summer? Need some colour in your life?
Support Jodie’s BUBBLES & SHAVE DAY
and  help raise funds for ESCA CancerSupport!

Jodie Cole

They did! This event is now finished. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the participants especially the host Jodie Cole. Also, we would like to thank everyone who donated to this fundraiser. We are happy to report this event raised a total of CHF 2,805.

If you would like to still donate to ESCA CancerSupport please click HERE to place a donation.

Yep, 5th round with cancer and even though my hair fell out before the event, happy to re-shave, colour or do something daring in order to raise some funds! Any suggestions???!!

My wonderful friends below have also agreed to do something daring on the day and need your support and encouragement. Donate below and let’s raise funds to help those affected by cancer!

Sunday, 13 September 2020
14h00 – 17h00
For more details and to RSVP: Jodie

If you would like to join us on the day as we colour and shave, please send me your attendance so we can ensure that we are holding this event in the safest manner possible and are following public health recommendations. There will be drinks and nibbles as well as LIVE music! The Defectors, like so many, have been affected by cancer and are generously donating their entertainment services to support this cause.

This event is generously hosted by Jodie Cole and will be held outside. She asks all attending to please respect social distancing rules and wear a mask.

How can you help? Donate below to Jodie and her friends. Be sure to note their name in the COMMENTS Box! Thank you!

Anne Duke

Come and help me raise some cash for ESCA CancerSupport, donate some money noting my name in the comments and I will dye (some) of my hair pink!

Lucy Ryan

I think I will look fabulous with pink hair, don’t you? Come on and donate to see my new look!

Charlotte Noring

Supporting my mother and ESCA CancerSupport together on the same day is a bonus. Perhaps I will colour (some) of my hair pink if enough money is raise? Donate away!

Beverly Sriruttan

I have travelled the world and tried many things but have yet to turn my hair pink! Donate and note my name in the comments and watch me transform.

Libby Young

Jet setting around the world looking glamourous, now it’s time to dye the hair pink to raise money for cancer. Come on everyone, donate away!

Suzanne Weeks

It’s time to raise the colour for fundraising activities. Please donate some money and I shall indeed turn my hair pink for the cause.

Tony Brooks

Mmmmmm, besides playing music, should I colour or shave my beard if being donated enough funds?


Violins, base guitar and music are my thing for this fundraiser but can I be convinced to shave or colour something??

Darren Leitch

A true Scotsman ready to cut, shave or colour something….pending how much money I am offered!

Ming Boey

Singing to raise money for cancer, I might just add a touch of pink to the hair too. Come on everyone, donate away for ESCA CancerSupport.

Kamy Lavanchy

UPDATE: She did it! Kamy braved the shave on Thursday 10 September and here’s the proof:  VIDEO
Short looks great on me – lets see how I look bald!  Now, here’s the catch, you donate – I shave!”

Jane Broere

Going grey at 60? No way, this Sunday I’ll be going pink!
Help me raise money for ESCA CS with your donation.

Anonymous User

Catherine Lewis

CHF 50 28 September 2020

Supporting Kamy Lavanchy for shaving her head!

Anonymous User

Aurore Firino-martell Freyche

CHF 200 19 September 2020
Anonymous User

Mark and Brigette De Lay Saalfeld

CHF 100 17 September 2020

You are amazing, Jodie! Sending positive energy to you from France

Anonymous User


CHF 100 17 September 2020
Anonymous User


CHF 555 17 September 2020

Donations from the Bubbles & Shave Day! Thanks to all.

Anonymous User

Margaret Stourton

CHF 50 16 September 2020

All the very best Jodie, great initiative

Anonymous User

Tony Brooks

CHF 100 13 September 2020
Anonymous User

Johannes Broere

CHF 50 13 September 2020

Jane Broere

Anonymous User

Susan Stack

CHF 30 13 September 2020

Bubbles and Shave
Wishing you courage and a speedy recovery Jodie.
For Suzanne's pink streak - it'll look lovely darling!

Anonymous User

Ming Goh

CHF 50 13 September 2020

Gotta go blue on my black hair! But it's still pink on the inside 👍

Anonymous User

Katharina Samara

CHF 100 13 September 2020
Anonymous User


CHF 140 13 September 2020

Best wishes for this very deserving cause. Have an excellent event.